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September 1, 2020 Furniture

Antique Chalk Paint Cabinets

The chalk paint cabinets effect lives its best moment and this is evident in the magazines and decoration blogs that surround us day by day. If you are thinking of joining this fashion, surely you have some doubt about which surfaces are compatible with the chalk effect paint. In this report we are going to explain to you how versatile it is and all of the games that you can play in your home.

Basically, it is an acrylic paint that includes plaster that gives it that matte finish and velvety touch and that also has some very characteristic colors, especially some precious pastel shades. It is also a water-based paint that does not smell and that is washed very well, both the furniture if it stains a little, and the brushes and rollers. In addition, it is a painting with which they are able to make some precious worn out furniture to give them a more rustic and aged touch.

Antique chalk paint cabinets is the perfect approach to reuse and print an interesting Shabby Chic air. Who else and who least has some old furniture in your home. But if you reflect a bit, it can be a golden opportunity to acquire an exclusive object of decoration and you fall in love every day.

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