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May 20, 2020 Furniture

Blue Velvet Sofa: It’s A Trend In Decoration

When I was a child in my parents’ house the sofa was blue velvet sofa, I never paid any attention to it, and they were things that did not interest me at the time. It is a trend in decoration, it is a classic that is back in fashion, and or rather… it has never left! Here you will see what I’m talking about…
Its oriental origin and its artisan manufacture made it expensive. Luckily, new manufacturing processes and complementary fabrics made it more accessible. Today, its multiple models (natural, synthetic, cotton, rayon, nylon…) allow us all to take a bit of it to our homes. And so we are doing it.

The blue velvet sofa is the fabric par excellence for the next season. It was the last and it will continue to be where they come from. If we had become accustomed to finding it in clothes, shoes, bags or belts, now we have to get used to seeing it in sofas, chairs or curtains since velvet becomes one of the official protagonists of interior design. Being a sophisticated, elegant, delicate and so soft fabric, it does not seem like a bad option at all.

In this article we serve blue velvet sofa.

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