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September 4, 2020 Accessories

Customized Unique Picture Frames Decorative

Surely you have at home forgotten any poster, picture, photo or puzzle without unique picture frames and that you have always wanted to have displayed on your wall. You will have to do a simple and entertaining job but with a very good, economical and practical result. So let’s show you how to make a picture frame with decorative moldings. Measure what you want to frame and the moldings you have decided on.

Cut decorative picture frames moldings. Do it with the jigsaw and the help of a miter guide, which means you will make the perfect angle, first to one side and then turning the molding so that it comes out on the other side of the cut. Sand with the assistance of a hand sander both the cuts of the moldings and the cut on the board.

This will help you calculate the board that you need a base. It will be the sum of the sheet plus twice the measure of the molding. Both wide and high. Cut the back that will function as the basis for your painting. Do it with the jigsaw. With the help of the sergeants secure the board to your bench or work table. Mark the cuts of the decorative moldings. In this case, you have to bear in mind that the cuts must be made in miter that is to say with an angle so that the corners of this decorative picture frames can be perfectly married.

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