Cute Shower Curtains Decor Ideas

Sep 29th

Unless you have a shower cabin with a glass door, you will need cute shower curtains in your bathroom. The shower curtains keep the water out of the floor, give you privacy while showering and add a decorative element to the room. Do a bit of research before going to buy the fabric of the shower curtain to ensure that you get a lot of use of it.

You do not have to use a liner with a fabric shower curtain. However, a liner will keep the curtain from becoming soaked. Water causes the fabric to become mold and mildew over time. The use of a plastic coating will lengthen the life of the fabric shower curtain. Because you will not have the fabric curtain to clean so often, it will take up even longer. Keep in mind, though: plastic coatings also become moldy over time and need to be replaced.
You have many choices to hang your shower curtain from the fabric. If you have holes for hooks along the top, insert the hooks through the holes, and hang the curtain. If you are using a plastic liner, well, place the cloth curtain first and then the lining. Another alternative is curtain clips. These are crocodile clips attached to the rings. The clamps are fixed to the fabric, and the rings slide on the rod. Other curtains have pockets stitched on them for the bar to slide through.

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