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September 4, 2020 Furniture

Decorate Chic Rustic Dining Room Table

The traditional rustic dining room table makes excessive use of dark woods and heavy furniture (cupboards, sideboards to the floor, thick wood tables, wide exposed beams, stone, etc.) which can be somewhat heavy and will diminish the light of the rooms. To mitigate it, the rustic chic style only takes some elements and combines them with lighter ones. The most common is to use a traditional rustic table, wood and thick legs more or less dark and combine it with clear chairs, thin leg, or even methacrylate.
For those who are attracted by the rustic style but see it too heavy or too identified with a country house and do not dare to use it in an urban apartment. Today we will see how to decoraterustic dining room table, a decorative style that takes elements of style Traditional rustic but lightening it together with other elements that give it style and a very characteristic personality between bohemian and modern.

Another option to get a rustic dining room table look with a touch of elegance is to mix modern pieces, such as a wooden table with steel legs or designer chairs, with rustic elements in the decoration, like trunks that act as stools or a wall paneled in wood, or straw lamps, pieces of logs stacked in a column, dry branches in the vases, etc..

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