Diy Personalized Unique Mailboxes

Mar 13th

The charm of home-made unique mailboxes comes from how their manufacturers personalize them. The mailboxes are usually personalized to refer to the architecture of the house, to reflect the flora and fauna of the surroundings or to encapsulate the idiosyncrasy of the family. Build a simple mailbox, made of wood in the shape of a house. Once built, the unfinished house of mailbox is a blank canvas.
Decorate the artistic mailboxes so you want it to be unique to your home and family. Cut the 9-inch by 22-inch wood with a thickness of 3/4 inches from the bottom of the mail box. Make two 7 5/8-inch by 22-inch pieces for the sides of the mail box. Cut two 10-inch by 13 3/8 inch pieces for the front and back. Draw and trim the shape of the roof peak of the upper parts of the back and front pieces.
Make a mark personalized mailboxes at the top centers of the front and rear pieces to indicate the center point for the roof peak. Measure 7 5/8 inches up the sides of the front and rear pieces, to indicate the bottom pieces of the roof peaks. Use a ruler to connect the marks, drawing diagonal lines that go from the lateral marks to the marks of the points of the center of the peak. Remove the wedge shapes outlined, with the saw.Unique mailboxes with post,

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