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May 20, 2020 Storage

Excellence Ikea Wall Cabinets

And inside these solutions are corner ikea wall cabinets. Embedded or not, its primary objective is to give use to those spaces that we gave for lost when it came to decorating a room: corners. And it is that it is not little that is possible to store in this angle of 90º that separates a bit of furniture and another one in conventional sideboards.

IKEA wall cabinets with hexagonal structure are good for softening corners that were left in open air, but curves… curves are no more than delicacy inside interior design. A button, and for sample. One of photograph, not only takes advantage of corner, but also molds its lines to attic surface of ceiling, which is practically only straight form of wardrobe.
IKEA wall cabinets are storage furniture par excellence because thanks to their size they have been great all in one: coat racks, shelves and even shoemakers, everything fits inside! Precisely this quality makes them a must within virtually any bedroom where decoration is designed to make most of space, especially when we speak of a small room. One-piece and rectilinear ones had a reserved place on walls, but their structure was not a guarantee that they would fit our taste, and worse, that they would intone with aesthetics that we had given to our room.

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