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September 2, 2020 Furniture

How To Uncover A Walmart Bunk Bed

Unveiling a walmart bunk bed is a process to detach the bed and the top bed from one another. If you remove the lower bunk bed, you create a cot that makes it feasible to use the space under the bed for storage or to use it for a playground or desk. You might even get rid of the top half of this bed to convert the bunk bed into two regular beds.

Lift the mattress and stretch out of the bottom bunk bed and place them aside. In some cases bunk beds don’t have stall springs. If so, lift the mattress off. Raise the framework that holds the spring and bed frame onto the frame bars and place it aside. Remove the screws which fasten the front frame to a spot with a socket or screwdriver and remove the frame. Find the strap suspension framework attachments on the three remaining beds and then remove them with a socket screwdriver or set.


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