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September 10, 2020 Storage

Hundreds Ideas Rustic Bookshelf

In this case, a shelf has been created along the entire wall of the staircase, achieving a visual fusion effect between the bookshelf and the staircase, since both use the very same colors. We can always get ideas. If we put the books parallel to the wall, supported by it, they take up much more space, besides being more pleasing to the eye see the portals that the backs of the books.
In this case and for the theme of rustic bookshelf for a children’s bookshelf, although this technique of decoration can be used in any environment and subject of reading. At home we can order the books following this system, supporting it not with teapots but with the objects that we already have at home and we like them.
The decoration and distribution of books in this rustic bookshelf achieves that, despite being complete, transmits an air of order and decoration, as was the purpose of who has distributed the books in this way. That yes, to achieve this effect. Decorating stairs is an art in addition to one to take advantage of spaces that are unoccupied and gain space.

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