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May 21, 2020 Accessories

Ideas For Hanging Extra Long Curtains

Use additional long drape sticks to create swagged window treatments from the dining room or living room of your dwelling. Extra-long curtains or pieces of cloth are the best for this therapy. Roll the fabric so that the curtains evenly along the pole and allow the fabric to hang freely on both sides. Leave the fabric loose on either side and utilize tassels to keep the fabric in place.

Extra long curtains sticks have numerous decorative results. Use them to hang multiple curtains on a wall with window as treatments for curved windows. These pubs work to hang all forms of curtains, including swag curtains, valances and long curtains used in tall windows. Use them to create an atmosphere in any room in the house that provides enough space.

When you’ve got a wall in your house that is made up mostly of windows, then use an extra long curtain pole to accommodate all of the windows rather than hanging the respective curtain poles. Use a huge drape or hang to pay all windows, or stagger separate curtains between each window. Use tassels tied around the centre section of each curtain if not in use to allow light to stream through. You might even link collections of curtains together along the walls of this window having tassels or bits of fabric.

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