Kitchen Step Stool Ideas

Sep 28th

You might prefer to bring a couple lower wall timber pans – pearl plank, wood panels or planks. Attach specifically made hack seat railroad trimming to finish the wainscoting appearance. Limit the height of a unique appearance. Instead of the common height of 30 inches, then move the wooden plank and seat rail three quarters of the way up the wallsocket. Perhaps run a plate of razor around the perimeter to show off decorative plates, tiles or dishes. Paint or bet to match the kitchen interior.
Paneling Tops

Kitchen step stool railings originally equipped with the thought of ​​shielding the plaster walls in the dining area from being ruined by the back of the seats. Today they’re more decorative than functional. There is not any guideline for height for seat rail, but the regular railing in between 30 and 32 inches from the floor. This trimming also creates architectural attraction in one color wall.

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