Special Characteristic Of Japanese Futon Mattress

Sep 28th

If we are thinking about changing mattresses and we want to prevent conventional models, a natural alternative is the Japanese futon mattress. The origin of the futon is millennial and hand makes it with cotton. The Japanese futons are made to be above the tatami. After the nighttime, they get used to folding to keep them in a closet and leave the room free. Today futons have developed minimally (materials, thickness, etc.) to adapt to the customs of modern life.
That is the reason they have become a serious alternative to conventional mattresses. The japanese futon mattress is a natural and wholesome bed created by a master craftsman who patiently overlays the layers that will form the futon until reaching the chosen thickness.

The minimum thickness for sleeping on a Japanese futon is around 10-12 cm. The mattresses conventional are usually 18-20 cm or more. In the West, new materials have also been introduced in its construction, since the original futon, as we said, is made exclusively of cotton.

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