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September 10, 2020 Furniture

What To Do When You Can’t Fit The Apartment Size Sofa

Have you ever known someone who has a new sofa that is sent to their house or apartment only to find that the furniture is darn not fit with the door? So in this situation, you should know apartment size sofa. Have you tried moving the couch into the basement or up to the second-floor apartment only to realize that it will not go up (or down) the stairs? The problem is more common than you can imagine. Over the years, living room furniture has grown larger and larger as manufacturers follow the”bigger the better dictum.”
Another solution is to find one of the rare Ready-To-Assemble Ready manufacturers that create sofas designed to be shipped unattached. This is sure to enter through doors, stairs, hall or elevator, regardless of the age of the house or distance from the apartment. The only problem is that in addition to the newly built IKEA-style knockdown design there are only two manufacturers specializing in custom built, ready to assemble the sofa.

There are two solutions to this problem. One, obviously, is to buy smaller furniture. This is not necessarily as simple as it sounds. The sofa is almost always sized at least 78 inches, while the loveseats are over 66 inches long. Buying a sofa that is of these dimensions can be time-consuming and frustrating, because it’s made by very few manufacturers (almost exclusively small).

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